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Hello everybody!

I was raised with Navy parents - my dad often sailed for months, and my mom was left to tend to 4 growing children oftentimes alone.  We didn't have much materially speaking, but we had a great deal of love as well as a ton of beautiful childhood memories.  Our family times were spent at the beach, at the park, at community gatherings and church happenings.

I am honored to be able to provide for East Volusia County all the opportunities to be "in the know" about what is going on in your community!  Gone are the days you have to plop your child in front of the TV, and the days you have to spend way too much money to entertain the crowds and masses of children crawling at your feet!  Come and enjoy the luxurious family events of Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater, Port Orange and Holly Hill.  You will find everything you need here with Macaroni Kid!

I am an Event Junkie and will be hosting a ton of events in your local community!  Be on the lookout for me and my daughter - I will be the one with a baby strapped on, carrying a professional camera!  Please be sure to introduce yourself to me when you see my passing by.

Please feel free to email me anytime, ever, at JacquelynS@macaronikid.com with questions, tips, help and/or advice.  God bless you all and enjoy this Free E-Newsletter!

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It all started with two old friends sharing a good meal and a great bottle of wine. From that conversation, Macaroni Kid was born and we started publishing a weekly newsletter giving moms and dads the scoop on all the weekly events in their community. From there it's grown to hundreds of other communities across the Country.

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